How about this price not being accepted for a Magazine

From: chris <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 12:05:00 2003

>The people bidding on this magazine have no idea what they're doing. I
>have at least 2-3 copies of this issue (san autographs, but still).

Yeah, I can't imagine it being too rare.

There is a store where I vacation (jersey shore), that sells old
magazines and the likes. With a few odd execptions, nothing ever seems to
go for more than about $50 max. (Exceptions include things like an
unaltered copy of the Traci Lords issue of Penthouse, I think they wanted
$125 for that... although I would think selling it would actually be
illegal since she was under 18 for the shoot).

Heck, things like the first appearance of Superman get about $15,000, and
I would consider that WAY more collectible than the first issue of
MacWorld even WITH signatures.

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