How about this price not being accepted for a Magazine

From: TeoZ <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 12:29:00 2003

Hey pay with a credit card, if you never get it call visa/mastercard and you
dont have to pay for it.

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> Megan wrote:
> > Unfortunately, a positive feedback (say, in the hundreds) also does
> > not guarantee that you won't get ripped-off. I recently (well,
> > November of last year), purchased something through ebay from someone
> > who had about 140+ for their feedback... and very few negatives.
> [snip scam description]
> This sounds very much like what a few Ebay scammers have done. First off,
> the scammer buys tons of low-value stuff like, for example, Beanie Babies,
> Pokemon/Yugioh trading cards, etc. These were then sold on Ebay, shipped
> agreed. Which got the seller a very high feedback rating. Then they
> to selling expensive computer components, magazines, etc. Which they took
> payment for and never sent on. At which point the scammers fled the
> with thousands of dollars of other people's money.
> Later.
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> Phil.
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