Electrolytic cap "protection"

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Date: Mon Feb 10 13:42:00 2003

On Feb 10, 10:58, Bryan Pope wrote:

> Awhile ago there was a thread about electrolytic capacitors
popping and
> then destroying the motherboard they are on. One of the ideas was to
> replace them before they go.
> Now I was wondering about another idea... Would it be okay to
> the capacitor in silicone gel? Then when the capacitor pops, it
> spread its electrolyte all over the motherboard.
> But would this cause other problems with heat or something?
 Would it
> further shorten the life of the capacitor?

Well, it's not going to improve its life, and it does mean that when it
goes, it will make a louder bang, since it will be harder for the
electrolyte to get out. Silicone isn't terribly strong, so it won't
stop it. If you look at most electrolytic caps, you'll see they're
designed to come apart under stress without turning into small
grenades; the ends are scored, or the seals are deliberately made less
strong than
the aluminium case.

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