NuTek One / DUET Mac Clone

From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Mon Feb 10 16:07:01 2003

I have a set of pages about this unit on my website...

I'd like to buy one of these, if I can find one.

If anyone on this list has one in any condition
(hopefully working or repairable), please contact me
off list...

Basically, this was an attempt to clone the Mac
including making a Clone OS.

If you have one of these, I'd love to get copies of
any floppies that came with it, manuals, and a dump of
the ROMS even if you don't want to sell yours.

It would be interesting to see if the ROMS would work
on one of the many Mac Emulators, or could be made to

Al Hartman
(Macintosh Emulation List Host)

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