New Find: SGI Iris 4D/80

From: David Holland <>
Date: Tue Feb 11 16:01:00 2003

I'm not certain applicable this is over on your side of the pond...

But, have you tried one of these doo-hicky's on the disc?

I suspect there aren't too many, BestBuy's over there, but I've heard
good things about those SkipDoctors. (Haven't had need of one myself
quiet yet)


On Tue, 2003-02-11 at 15:55, Peter Turnbull wrote:
> Look on Ebay (yes, really) for IRIX. 5.3 is more common than 4.0.5 but
> they do appear fom time to time. I have a 4.0.5 CD which I'd offer to
> copy, but some kind soul scratched it rather badly and it won't read
> now :-(
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> Pete Peter Turnbull
> Network Manager
> University of York
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