DEC xx2247 keys

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Date: Wed Feb 12 15:08:00 2003

I bought a xx2247 key from ebay. Just in case others are planning to do the
same, the key appears to be an almost brand new copy. There is a *slight*
amount of rust in the areas that were cut away, but other than that it is
nice shiny new chrome.

I purchased mine for the starting bid of $10, but they then charged me $10
more for shipping (actual shipping was $4.30), making for an expensive key.
I called the local locksmith and they will duplicate this type of key for
$6 each. The other thing to note is that the key I obtained from Ebay auction
is stamped Do Not Duplicate, which the original DEC keys (I have 2) do not say.

I figure they had a original copied a few years back, and added the Do Not
Duplicate just in case a customer needed more than 1 key, so they would
have to pay through the nose for it.

Now I see they have the starting bid boosted to $25, for a non-original
duplicate key, what a load of...

PS: I happen to have the locking mechanism disconnected from a PDP 8/E
power supply, and before i reinstall it, i plan to bring it and the keys
to that locksmith so i can have some cheaper, 'working' copies of the
key made. I like having a key sitting in the lock ready to turn. If others
need a key, let me know and i'm sure I can get you one for a lot less
than that ebay guy.

-Lawrence LeMay
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