Home to remove monumental grime?

From: Peter Turnbull <pete_at_dunnington.u-net.com>
Date: Wed Feb 12 16:41:01 2003

On Feb 12, 7:47, Philip Pemberton wrote:

> > Wasn't there a thread a while back in which someone mentioned
> > circuit boards in a dishwasher?
> I know Lee Davison's done it. Only catch is, you may have to replace
a few
> components after cleaning it - electrolytics, etc.

If you have to replace electrolytics after washing, there was something
wrong with the electrolytics before you started. They're routinely
washed commercially. There are other sorts of components that may be
damaged by washing, though.

> Electrolube "Fluxclene" and straight IPA are quite good. I've used
70% IPA
> to remove light dirt from PCBs, Fluxclene is insanely aggressive. It
> fizz or bubble, but it removes nearly anything - it's intended to be
used to
> remove solder flux. And it leaves most components and plastics

It will certainly work, but if the board is very dirty, you'll still
need to wash it in clean water (and possibly detergent) afterwards to
get rid of the residues, and then get rid of the water (IPA, compressed
air, whatever). Kitchen worktop cleaner is much cheaper and works just
as well.

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