IBM drives in a Kaypro

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 17:42:29 2003

> If a drive does NOT have an asterisk, then it is either a 1.2M, OR a 360K
> from before the time that IBM realized that they needed to differentiate
> and chose the wrong one to label, OR a 360K from most other manufacturers
> other than those building drives for IBM.

According to the O&A TechRef, there are 2 distinct 40 cylinder drives :

The 'Slimline' drive used in the PortablePC and PCjr. This des not have
the asterisk

The double density (360K) drive for the PC/AT. This does have the asterisk.

They are difference electrically (made by difference companies?). I think
the use of pin 34 on the connector differs too. Officially you shouldn't
interchange them.

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