Differential SCSI vs. SE ?

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The CMD CQD-420/TM design uses a daughter card of which there
is a single-ended version and a differential version. The differential
version should actually be a little less expensive because most users
want the single-ended, and the cost of getting a single-ended daughter
card to replace the differential one is expensive. Therefore perhaps better
supply and lower demand for differential. I DON'T HAVE ANY OF THESE
ANYMORE. THEY WERE SOLD, to a buyer in the mid-west. But you can
find them searching Google. But even the differential ones still are more
than all but the most exceptional hobbyist would want to get in to.

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At 06:52 PM 2/12/03 -0500, you wrote:
>On Wed, 12 Feb 2003, Fred N. van Kempen wrote:
> > All,
> >
> > Now that I inherited a nice set of StorageWorks enclusures with
> > an HSZ40C controller, I might as well use it, no? I plan on
> > connecting it to the primary file server of my "fun" network
> > (also known as VAXlab, aka pdp11.nl) so I'll have more (and safer)
> > storage there.
> >
> > Only prob is.. the HSZ40C has a diff-scsi port, whereas the machines
> > have SE.
> >
> > Is this easily converted with a cable, or will I be doing resistor-
> > balancing and/or use a signal converter box?
>It can't be done with just passive components.. ie you will need either a
>differential<->single-ended converter or a differential SCSI card. If
>you're using a machine that takes PCI cards, then a card will be cheaper,
>but if you're using it with a VAX or PDP-11, etc, I'm doubtful you'll find
>a differential-scsi interface, and will need to buy an interface box.
>If you need/want a PCI wide/differential SCSI card, I have several Adaptec
>AHA-3944AUWD's (with PC BIOS ROMs) that I would be willing to sell at a
>'reasonable' price (probably $40 + shipping).
>As far as 'converter boxes' go, I don't know what one would cost, because
>I've never had to buy one.
>Purdue Universtiy ITAP/RCS
>Information Technology at Purdue
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