Philips P5003 = Micom 2001

From: Lawrence Walker <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 19:04:00 2003

 I tracked down some new info on the Micom (which I've
blathered about before). On the great NL computer site :

Allard's computermuseum Groningen

is a new(?) addition, the Philips P5003. It is basicly a
copy of the Micom 2001 which Philips had acquired when
they bought a big chunk of the Canadian company Micom
 The 2001 was the next model after the original 2000
(which was introduced in 76) and differed in that it had an
attached keyboard. The boards in the P5003, which
came out in 79/80, are basicly the same as in the
2000 and are even labeled as such. They can be
compared with those on Bill Sudbrinks site.

 The Groningen site also has a nice shot of another
canadian machine. An AES which is credited with being
the first programmable wordprocessor and was a previous
start-up by Stephen Dorsey who also founded Micom.

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