Heathkit H89 Intro

From: Dwight K. Elvey <dwightk.elvey_at_amd.com>
Date: Wed Feb 12 21:33:01 2003

>From: knightstalkerbob_at_netscape.net
>"Jason J. Gullickson" <mr_at_jasongullickson.com> wrote:
>>I recently acquired what I believe to be a Heathkit H89. It was
>>assembled a long time ago by my friend's father, contains a single disk
>>drive and a monochrome terminal.
>>My ultimate goal would be to get this thing running CPM and a C
>>compiler, but first I need to figure out if it's working.
>>I've yet to determine if it has a hard or soft-sectored disk controller,
>>but I have some general questions since I don't have any documentation.

 Sorry, I lost the first message.
 One can tell if it is hard or soft sectored by the
controller card. The hard sectored has a uart ( or usart )
chip and the soft sectored has one of the typical
FD controller chips. I think it may have been a Western
Digital that they used.
 The other problem is that CPM requires RAM at the
lower addresses. You'll need to make the modification
that allows one to shadow the ROM. I suspect that it
is either on this groups archives or you might look
in the news group comp.os.cpm. I've seen it talked
about someplace.
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