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From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 23:13:31 2003

Al actually has a very good point, the Atari DMA port is also referred to as
an ASCI (Atari Small Computer Interface) which basically translates into
(Atari wanted to keep costs down so they incorporated a cheapo semi-SCSI
port where the drives would incorporate an Adaptec adapter or semi
interface) so then the HD's would be more expensive... go figure. Well the
Link II and ADscsi interface are just a small handful of chips and I think a
PAL 16L8 and some connectors, so there is not much there and quite frankly
that really should cost about $19.99 each these days, but its that pesky PAL
on it that causes the issue, since ICD no longer makes them and you can only
use what little existing stock that is still around, they sell at a premium,
kinda s*cks.

Yeah, Ebay is gonna be your best hope I supposed.... you could always keep
an eye out for a Mega STe or TT030 or a Falcon030, the Mega STe and TT030
has DB25 SCSI 1 ports, the Falcon has a SCSI II port on it


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> And thusly Al Hartman spake:
> >
> > You would think that at this point, they'd be about
> > $20.00 or so, since I can buy whole ST's for about
> > that price. I just can't justify spending $150.00 or
> > more to put a hard drive on a $20.00 computer.
> An IDE card for the C64 is $89 US and the SCSI controller is $249.
> Cheers,
> Bryan
> P.S. The SCSI drive (CMD-HD) acts just like a 1541 drive.. ie it is a
> "smart" device.
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