TRS80 Model 1 Level II

From: Witchy <>
Date: Wed Feb 12 23:14:33 2003

Hi classiccmpers,

Today I had a chance to take the car on a bit of a mountain run over to the
Lake District (in the UK, natch :) to pick up said machine from the current
owner who wanted to give it a good home. I thought it was just the machine
and the monitor, but it turns out it's machine, monitor, expansion unit,
dual disk drives, barrel-loads of software on tape and disk, documentation
AND several TRS80 catalogues and adverts from the day including price lists
from 1980 and 1981. Oh, and the original receipts. And it's all bagged and
fully boxed :)

The only downside is you get garbage on screen at powerup, but given the age
of the machine I'd take a stab at bad RAM since both my PET 2001 and UK101s
had that problem and both were fixed by new video RAM.

I'll do a full inventory if anyone's interested, and pics will be up on
Binary Dinosaurs soon.


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