DEC xx2247 keys

From: Robert F. Schaefer <>
Date: Thu Feb 13 12:44:00 2003

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> Another word to the wise on DEC keys - if you have a newer PDP-11
> (11/24, for example) or a newer keyed VAX (like my 8200) with the
> *plastic* lock body - there are no tumblers. A key blank will
> operate your machine - DEC shipped an orangish-red plastic key
> with those systems, but the older keys (or a blank) will turn the
> lock.

Watch out with this one though. While any key that fits in the lock will
turn it, when I used a metal one from an old security system to turn my VAX
6320 on, the outside part of the index keyway scraped away some plastic on
the lock. It would have been fine if I hadn't inserted the key all the way
in, but I didn't know any better at the time and I was in a hurry to show it
off to a buddy.

> -ethan

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