vaxstation 3000?

From: Mail List <>
Date: Fri Feb 14 13:12:01 2003

> BTW is there a faq about hooking up a VGA monitor to a
> Vaxstation video connector?

I've done it, for testing purposes. IIRC, I used the DEC cable which
ended in BNC, joined, by using BNC/BNC straight adapters, to a
BNC to HD15 cable, to a SONY 5 BNC Multisync Monitor ( Sony,
Radius, Rasterops, HP branded ? whichever is handy at the time).
Probably only hooked R,G, and B though. The Sonys can accept
separate sync ( all 5 BNC's connected ), composite sync ( 4 BNC's
connected ), and sync on green ( 3 BNC's connected ), and will
autosense and autoswitch to the correct sync type. Never took it all
the way to a GUI though. Just wanted to get a text screen to make
sure the box was alive.

At 06:51 PM 2/14/03 +0000, you wrote:
>Anybody have any interest in a VaxStation 3000?
>Looks clean, no monitor or kbd.
>BTW is there a faq about hooking up a VGA monitor to a
>Vaxstation video connector?
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