Edusystem25 et all

From: Kevin Handy <>
Date: Sat Feb 15 12:58:00 2003

Jay West wrote:

>John wrote...
>>I remember the EduSystems from the early to mid '70s. My experience is
>>these ran on PDP-8s, not -11s.
>Uggg you're right... I was thinking over several things at once and my brain
>slipped a gear.
>1) I was looking for the Edusystem25 for my PDP-8E. The only link I could
>find about it was broken, so I was wondering if anyone knew much about this
>OS, particularly the hardware requirements (my 8E is very "low end"), and if
>manuals and media were around.
>2) I was wondering if there was something besides RT11, RSX, or RSTS/E as to
>a multiuser basic environment for the 11/44. Perhaps I'll go with RSTS, I
>have a copy of that on an 11/73 here. Just curious if there were more
>choices for a BASIC environment than those for my 44.
There's always Unix. Most of them had some type of BASIC available,
but probably none as nice as Basic/Plus on RSTS/E.
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