[OT] Re: dongle !

From: Eric Smith <eric_at_brouhaha.com>
Date: Sat Feb 15 14:42:00 2003

Jo?l Weber wrote:
> hello, i search a dongle for a "Avid XpressDV" program. where can i
> found it?

Joel later wrote:
> i know that ! can you say me where i can find some one, or a dongle
> crack? thanks

Look, did I miss something here, or is this *seriously* off topic?
I don't know anything about Avid XpressDV, except that a Google search
suggests that it's a currently sold product. So it fails that 10-year

Whether to copy out-of-print software without the owner's permission
is perhaps a reasonable subject for debate. But IMNSHO it is *extremely*
tacky to use this list to ask for "cracks" for currently sold products.
If I were the owner of the list, it would be grounds for expulsion.
(Fortunately I'm not.)

I'm not going to try to take a moral high ground and claim that I've
never made unauthorized copies of software (whether it was still
commercially available at the time or not). In fact, I'll admit that
in my youth I did a lot of that. However, I didn't ask for cracks in a
public forum, and especially not one for which that software is totally
off-topic anyhow.

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