NeXTStation Color DSP cable pinout

From: Ian Primus <>
Date: Sat Feb 15 15:42:00 2003

I recently accquired a NeXTStation Color, complete with color monitor
and DSP box. Unfortunately, I don't have the cable to go from the
NeXTStation to the DSP box, and therefore, I can't use the computer
because the keyboard also connects to the DSP box. Does anyone have the
pinout for this cable? Also, how does everything connect? I have seen
various info on the internet that conflicts. I am assuming by looking
at it that the monitor port is just a monitor port, and connects to the
monitor through a standard 13W3 cable (came with the computer, but it
Sun branded). Then the sound box would connect to the computer through
the DB-15 on the back of the computer labelled "DSP" and to the DB-19
port on the sound box. Then the keyboard plugs into the sound box. But
from searching the internet, I have found things such as this that
show a three headed cable that would connect the monitor to the
computer, and to the back of the sound box. But then what would the DSP
port be used for? And how would the computer get the signals from the
keyboard? I'm new to NeXT hardware, so any help would be greatly
appreciated. Thanks!

Ian Primus
Received on Sat Feb 15 2003 - 15:42:00 GMT

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