Apple IIe / Ddial update

From: Rick Collette <>
Date: Sat Feb 15 17:01:36 2003

Some kind soul left a disk II controller card and a 80 col/64k card on the
shelf where all the IIe's are at Weirdstuff. I picked up a platinum IIe,
plain old second gen ][e, a pair of disk drives, the cards, and a mono
monitor for 25.00. I believe that to be more than reasonable.

Now.. I popped in the SS cards I got from Sellam (thanks!), and the disk
with Ddial, and loaded it up. Bummer for me is the ddial was the first
version that does not support the serial card linking ..

Has anyone got a later version of Diversi-Dial? I'd even pay cash for it :)
Not too much though, my wife is already irked at the Apple "monstrosity"
that "seems to have grown by itself"
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