VHS Tapes as storage.

From: Thomas Dzubin <dzubint_at_vcn.bc.ca>
Date: Sat Feb 15 17:05:31 2003

Back about 1983/1984 I was evaluating a computer called the "Alpha
microcomputer" for a university department (not to be confused with the
DEC Alpha AXP line about six years later")
Anyhow, the alpha micro had a tape backup unit that you could use the
same tapes that you used in your VCR although back then it probably
wasn't VHS-format, it was probably Beta
(Hey there's a joke in there somewhere... "use a Beta tape on your
Alpha micro")

Thomas Dzubin

On Sat, 15 Feb 2003, Tomer Gabel wrote:
> Actually I recall reading about this in a local computer mag about 10 or so
> years ago. They were talking something along the lines of 1.2gb per tape --
> however they were seriousy questioning the device's data reliability. Anyway
> I've never actually seen a commercial model.
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