NeXTStation Color monitor cable pinout needed

From: James Rice <>
Date: Sun Feb 16 19:02:01 2003

Actually the NeXT monitors (color) only use the three coaxial leads from
the slab, the rest terminate on the 19 pin D shell connector that plugs
into the soundbox. Splicing the D-shell into the Sun cable is too mucxh
trouble. Checking ebay tonight showed me:

This is a reasonable price and would make you slab all original as well
as not risking damage to your hardware with a bad/wrog connection.
Remember, the NeXT monitor port also carries + and -12v at several amps
to power the sound box and power for the old monochrome monitor.


Ian Primus wrote:

> Thanks to your help, I now know what I need - I need the three headed
> cable with two 13W3 connectors and one DB-19. ( this thing -
> ) I
> have scoured the internet looking for the pinout of this cable, but to
> no avail. I did find some information about the monochrome slabs, but
> it doesn't help me very much. There doesn't seem to be much out there
> about the color NeXTStations at all. Anyway, if anyone has the pinout
> of that monitor cable, it would be much appreciated. It shouldn't be
> too hard to add the extra connector to the old Sun monitor cable I
> already have. All the pins on the Sun cable do go straight through,
> and there are wires for all of them, I checked with a multimeter. Thanks!
> Ian Primus
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