Berg Connectors

From: David Gesswein <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 09:42:00 2003

>From: "Charles H. Dickman" <>
>Is there a replacement for the Berg connectors?
>I am talking about the 100mil spacing, dual inline connectors that had
>individually insertable, crimp contacts. The AMP MT connectors look like
>a replacement. Does anybody have experience with this?
I have used others, may of been amp. The main problem is that when using
standard 40 pin connectors they are narrower so it is possible to misalign
when plugging in the cable. I have put a blob of glue on the ends of the
connector to take up some of the slop so I can't plug them in wrong. DEC
used a 44 pin connector for the discrete wire which doesn't seem to be common.
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