11/44 basic newbie help request

From: Guy Sotomayor <ggs_at_shiresoft.com>
Date: Mon Feb 17 10:57:01 2003

On Sat, 2003-02-15 at 16:08, Ethan Dicks wrote:

> I remembered the OEM part. I was thinking the 11/10 came out
> right after the 11/20. Perhaps you are right. That was a little
> before my time. My first exposure to -11s was in 1984. We used an
> 11/04 to bench-test our products, an 11/24 for the accounting department
> (with *4* RL02s), an 11/34a for software development (RSTS and RSX-11),
> and an 11/23 or two for other purposes lost to time.
> That was *many* years after the 11/20 came out.

My introduction to PDP-11s (and PDP-10s) was in school. The notable
introductions while I was there were: 11/34, KL10, and the 11/780 (we
had s/n 1). We had gobs of 11/40s and 11/20s (even had a few PDP-11s -
no other designation ie early 11/20s).

C. Gordon Bell had a chair in the EE department while I was there too
(though you didn't see him much -- something about this computer company
up in MA).

BTW anyone know where I can find a set of manuals for BLISS-11? It's
what I primarily programmed in (that and SAIL and eventually 'C') while
in school. If I'm feeding the nostaliga bug, I might was well do the
software as well as the hardware.
TTFN - Guy
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