Berg Connectors

From: Gary Oliver <>
Date: Mon Feb 17 12:54:00 2003

The pins for these "BERG" harmonica style connectors (we used them *way
back* for DLV11J and other connections) can still be found at
Mouser. They're a bit pricey though - about $.25 per pin in large
quantities. Mouser's part number is 649-47712-000. I'd recommend this
part over the others available, as it has a nice "grab" and a 40 micron
gold flash which gives it good wear characteristics. We used *lots* of
these back in the 1980s and in ugly industrial locations which would eat
the tin off of cheaper connectors - *none* of the BERG pins ever failed.

I found something that looks similar in the Digi-Key catalog (e.g.
WM2555-ND) which sells for about $.10 each in thousands but have no
experience with this one. Not even sure the crimper would work - and
that'll set you back a few hundred bucks if you need one!


At 08:55 2/17/2003 -0800, you wrote:
>Are those exact ones that DEC used still available? I finally found my
>crimp tool (after many months of searching), but I have no pins and no
>shells. I would be interested in purchasing a quantity of 44-pin and
>14-pin (for DLV11Js, etc.) shells along with a bag of hundreds of pins,
>presuming such things are still purchasable.
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