FAQ? Re: Why did they publish 'blank' pages

From: Fred Cisin <cisin_at_xenosoft.com>
Date: Mon Feb 17 15:08:00 2003

We've been through THIS one often, and recently.

There are actually two questions:

Q1: Why are the blank pages marked "intentionally blank"?
A1: To make it clear that they are NOT blank due to duplicating errors.
A2: Because saying that a page is blank by mistake would make the printer
lose face.

Q2: Why are there blank pages?
A1: Due to the impossibility of planning accurately, and changes that
might involve increasing or decreasing the number of pages, extra pages
are allowed for to cover any increase.
A2: Printing and binding of a section using some technologies results in
sections (or "signatures") that must be multiples of a number (4, 16,
etc.) Therefore, if the actual desired length is not zero modulus that
multiple, there will be extra pages.
A3: Certain rigid "style"s mandate that a section must ALWAYS start on a
right hand, or odd numbered, page. If a section has an odd number of
pages, then a blank must be added for alignment.
A4: So that you'll have a place to scribble notes, other than on the
margins of the printed pages.
A5: An idea pushed by the paper mills (see also "paperless office")
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