Help with my PDP 11/73

From: <(>
Date: Mon Feb 17 16:09:00 2003

The null modem that I just bought
must have been bad. I got another
one from a different vendor and I
can talk to my processor.
I am able to get into dialog mode,
setup mode, and into ODT.
I runs the self test loop correctly.
However, when I try to boot
either DU0 or MU0 the machine gets
hung up. My assumption is that the
disk may have been erased before
sale and the tape cartridge I got is
probably blank.
Where can I get a copy of XXDP on
a TK50 cartridge? Or is there another
way I can determine if my two peripherals
are working?

DAve Chu
Received on Mon Feb 17 2003 - 16:09:00 GMT

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