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From: Lawrence Walker <lgwalker_at_mts.net>
Date: Mon Feb 17 21:10:01 2003

 Bleeeeccch !! That is like a deliberate troll or by
someone too brainless to be allowed access to a
computer and intelligent commentary. Reminds me
of the bully in the schoolyard, " you're a jew and killed
Christ so I'm gonna take all your marbles" Not all the
world believes the US has the right to control it all.
And this list is world-wide so you may not get the easy
acquiescence of your US tv-news watching buddies.
Don't think you can throw out crap like this unopposed.

 I might remind you also that the oppressive Saudi-
Arabian regime is the US's most closely alligned arab
client state in the mid-east next to Kuwait. Bin Lauden's
Saudi-Arabian fortunes came from your gas expenses,
he was financed in the Taliban's takeover of Afghanistan
by the US via Pakistan, an oppressive nuclear bomb
possessing oligarchy, and Hassan was supplied with
chemical agents and stuff like Anthrax by the US back
when he was their buddy and Iran the enemy. It's well
documented. Just stop taking your views from the
managed corporate press and approach it like
you would investigating an old computer. Unless you
take your computer info from the domestic media.
Microsoft, our benefactor.
 This is just racist crap to justify dreams of world
domination by retrograde southerners, still pissed off
they lost the civil war and had to give up slavery, or
fundamentalists with their own scary visions of an
inquisition-based new world order.
 At one time the arab world was the most advanced, just,
and civilized center of the world and gave us most of the
basis for later advances in science, and artists such as
Omar Khayam and others like the Sufis while Europe
was still wallowing in the horrendous middle ages. Their
contributions equalled or surpassed ancient Greece.
 Try reading history.

 There were millions of demonstrators around the world,
as well as several million in the US this past weekend,
that disagree with the Bush administration's or the CNN
spindoctor's take on this as well as millions of others
who either don't go to demos, or up here in Canada didn't
brave the subzero temperatures which still resulted in
100,000 in Montreal at -29C and 80,000 in Toronto at -20.
and there were religious,union, youth groups of all ages
and in all areas. And the same was true in these US.

 Let's keep this ideological crap off the list and then I
don't have to further the OTism with non-ameriKKKan
responses and diatribes.

 My apologies to the list but unopposed statements
becomes truth. My daddy always said don't discuss
religion or politics in polite company.


On 17 Feb 2003, , Eric Dittman wrote:

> > > I whish, so we have a reason to push him out of the
> > > country an confiscate his collection for good :)
> >
> > You're like the George Bush of computer collecting, except
> > in this case you're after all the old computers of the
> > Arabs rather than the oil ;)
> Well, it would be a good idea to get the oil out of the
> hands of the Arabs since they are using the profits to
> finance terrorism. -- Eric Dittman dittman_at_dittman.net Check
> out the DEC Enthusiasts Club at http://www.dittman.net/

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