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Quothe Mail List, from writings of Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 11:18:40PM -0500:
> And he's a president that's doing a good job. I think he portrays

Yes, Shrub^H^H^H^H^HBush is doing a good job of turning the U.S. into
more of a police state; surely Stalin and Hitler would approve of the
Patriot Acts I and II... of course, they might not approve of his
reasons for some of his actions, which appear to be a result of his
fundamentalist religious beliefs. He's also doing a good job of
allowing more and more illegal aliens to cross the Mexican border, to
pacify his friend Fox in Mexico, as if we don't have enough trouble
with overpopulation and illegal immigration already. It appears that
the voters were misled during the 2000 presidential campaign, and many
of us who voted for the current president didn't get what we were

Let's not forget that his administration also appears to have helped
Micro$oft in the antitrust hearings... do you call that good as well?

> a "simple country boy" persona, but in actuality, I think there's
> a whole lot more to him than he publicaly lets on. Like a poker

Do you mean like trying to hide that he resembles someone who is a
danger to himself and others? Let's face it, anyone who believes that
his actions are divinely inspired, and that he's basically a leader of
a nation on a mission from his God, is surely more than a few acorns
short of an oak tree, if you know what I mean. Any rational person
(sorry, extreme religious fundamentalists don't fall into the category
of "rational person") knows that there appears to be something
seriously wrong, that religious extremists are trying to gain control
of this nation with the help of the current presidential
administration... if it's not the blasted communists/socialists
screwing things up over here, it's the ultra right-wing
fundamentalists screwing things up, while the majority of the
population appears to be split between agreeing with the extremists or
being apathetic.

> player, he holds his cards closely. And his father was an excellent
> president too.

So, you're one of those people who approves of the New World Order?
Also, let's not forget that "Bush I" didn't finish the war in Iraq
(ok, and Clinton appears to have allowed things to get worse there and
elsewhere while he was busy with the ladies, I won't dispute that)
Also, don't forget those infamous words: "read my lips, no new taxes,"
before taxes were increased.

> He "inherited" a national economic situation from the
> Reagan years ( and Ronald Reagan did good things too ) that

He inherited a failing economy and made it worse. Anyway, why stop at
Reagan with the blame? Carter, and various predecessors, didn't help
the economy much either, as they alternated between excessive social
programs and excessive defense spending as "cures" for the economy.

> couldn't be turned around quickly ( a national economy has incredible
> mass and inertia ), so he bore the blame for it and lost to Clinton.

Bush came across as too depressed and whiney during too many of his
speeches, which had a negative psychological effect on the already
fragile economy.

Just my two cents worth.

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