Gridcase 1530

From: Kevin Andres <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 07:16:00 2003

Greetings all,
        I have a Gridcase 1520 286 with plasma display that I bought years ago to work in dark areas with. It has the
same problem that was mentioned where the CMOS battery is low/dead, and does not maintain settings. I have mine on a
bench currently running an exercise for a graphic driver board fed by serial numbers. I put together a "boot" floppy
for it when it first started losing its settings in CMOS. As was previously stated, hitting "F" at boot up will cause the
machine to load from floppy. I have done that for a lOOOOng time for lack of time to change the battery. Hitting "H"
selected boot from hard drive as I recall, but I have had no problem accessing the hard drive once the floppy boot was
        Of course the correct thing to do is replace the CMOS battery as one writer suggested. If you do not solder,
find someone who can.
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