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From: Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net>
Date: Tue Feb 18 08:14:01 2003

> > They are more to do with locking down the country so no more terrorist
> > attacks can occur. The problem is when the country gets that locked down
> > the freedoms we cherish disappear. When we lose all our freedoms, what
> > do we have worth keeping?
> If we lock down our country and hold everyone suspect, did not The
> Terrorists win?

Yes, and that's the point. They've gone too far. Overhauling
immigration is good. Overhauling immigration for only one
group of people is bad.

> > As for ignoring illegal immigration from Mexico, I find that extremely
> > hypocritical. We want to tighten the borders so we are protected from
> > terrorism, but we'll leave that huge sieve between Mexico and the US
> > completely open?
> Who, then, will pick your lettuce? I mean no disrespect whatsoever to
> Mexican folks who brave through torrid deserts to make their way to
> California so they can spend 8+ hours a day stooped over in the hot
> sun picking vegetables so that you can have a salad on your table. I am
> quite serious. What white person, in this day and age, would ever take a
> job picking lettuce for minimum wage?

I am a supporter of overhauling the immigration laws and issuing
new visas that let the migrant workers easily and safely get to
their jobs. They are willing to do work that others in the U.S.,
white and non-white (funny you assume it's just the white people)
are not. If they are issued visas to do the work they are going
to do anyway that would make things safer and easier.

> These issues are not always as simple as people want to make them.

Yes, they are very complex.
Eric Dittman
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