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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Feb 18 11:28:01 2003

Rumor has it that R. D. Davis may have mentioned these words:
>Quothe Eric Dittman, from writings of Mon, Feb 17, 2003 at 09:19:33PM -0600:
> > No, it was sarcasm, pointing to Sellam's Bush-bashing.
>Gee... isn't that comment a little extreme? I thought he was just
>making use of his horticultural abilities from his keyboard, verbally
>pruning a Shrub...

If it was horticultural, it seemed a lot more to me like manure-spreading -
one of the few things in which "close only counts..."

[[ This is not indicative of whether I agree with the Prez or not... only
calling 'em as I see 'em... ]]

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