Harris 6100 CPUs

From: pzachary <pzachary_at_sasquatch.com>
Date: Tue Feb 18 11:55:00 2003

"Erik S. Klein" wrote:
> I've got a line on some "early run" Harris 6100 CPUs (with data sheets)
> in "unmarked ceramic packages" for $10 per. I'm interested in one or
> two for some odd reason (I guess I want one or two of everything, when
> you come right down to it. . . :) but the seller has about 10-12 for
> sale.
> Is anyone else interested in these? Are they worth the $10? I'll be
> happy to be the clearinghouse on these for anyone who is interested
> (I'll buy them and forward them along for cost.)
> Erik S. Klein
> www.vintage-computer.com
as for the value, a couple years back, I bought some plastic parts
without doc's for $7/ea, so $10 seems sort of reasonable, for a out of
production part with no actual application... I see someone needs to
make a single-board pdp-8 based on the 6100 to compete(or keep company)
bob's 6120 design...

I have some late ones, but,sure I'd like one
 let me know what the total is

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