Tranfer of Files From RSX-11------II

From: nk badoni <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 12:53:52 2003

Hello John

Thankyou very much for your kind reply.

Yes it is a complete system.

I have checked Kermit in this system but I could not
find this S/W there. Might be my process was wrong.

And if it is there how can I access Kermit(how to find
wheather Kermit is there or not).
Is there any command for Kermit. Please suggest me how
to find wheather Kermit is there or not.

Incase if kermit will not be installed then how can I
transfer the data.

Basically it is the text data which I want to transfer
to the winnt PC. This system is having 8" floopy drive
& I also wants to transfer files from 8" floopies to

These files are important for me & I want to make
backup for these files into the another PC having WIN

Please advice me I will be very thankful to you.
I am in India.

Best regards


--- John Lawson <> wrote:
> Hello Kishore. You do not give enough information
> to allow us to be of
> much help.
> Is this a complete system, or do you just have the
> diskdrive itself?
> If you have the whole machine, then most likely a
> program called 'Kermit'
> is installed - you need to also have the Windows
> version of Kermit on your
> PC, and then connect the serial ports together with
> a cable. OR, if you
> are lucky enough to have a newer DEC machine with
> Ethernet, you can just
> hook them up that way.
> If you have only the Drive - is it MFM? EDSI?
> Is it just data you need? ASCII? HEX? Are there
> existing programs that
> you would need to execute after transferring? Are
> they MACRO11? FORTRAN?
> BASIC? Pascal? etc... would you need to run one
> of the PDP emulators on
> your PC? IS this for commercial use? Are you going
> to need to license the
> OS (from Mentec)?
> Also, where are you? If in the US or Canada, and
> you only have the drive
> (and the data is important or critical) I would
> suggest that you assemble
> a DEC system and install the Drive in it, then use
> Kermit. If you can't
> do that, perhaps you can send the drive to someone
> who would install it,
> extract the info, and return it to you. Just for
> example, I have a
> PDP-11/44 system with EDSI drives, 8" floppies, and
> a 14" removable-pack
> drive. It runs RSX 11M+ V5.03. If possible, you
> should know these details
> about your Drive, as all of this makes a large
> difference in just how to
> take the data off.
> You should write your message again to the
> classiccmp list, and give all
> the details you can think of. That way, we can
> steer you in the right
> direction.
> Cheers
> John
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> >Subject: Tranfer of Files From RSX-11
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> >Hello
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> >I am Kishore.
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> >Could you please tell me that how can I tranfer the
> >files from Winchester Disk having RSX-11/PDP format
> >into a PC having Win NT operating system.
> >
> >Kishore
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