looking to get a VAX 11/750

From: John Willis <jwillis_at_arielusa.com>
Date: Tue Feb 18 13:20:01 2003

Who was your contact on the east coast? I'm in New Mexico and
have a VAX 11/750 that I've been struggling to complete. If it was
$250 for shipping + $150 for the VAX, I'd be quite inclined to let
mine go for $250 and then spend the extra $150 to get a complete
one from the east coast person.

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        Subject: looking to get a VAX 11/750

        It seemed to me before I called up someone out on the east coast
        bought a VAX-11/750 for $150=/- then spent $250 or so shipping
it that I
        should try the list. I want a VAX 11/750 for old times sake and
as a
        peripheral for my pdp-11s... anyone have one for sale/trade/...?
        Thought I'd rather a local had the money to buy inflated pdp-8
spares or
        something than giving it all to a shipping company.
        I'm located in santa Cruz CA and am willing to pick up within a
        hundred miles.
        I would really like to get out of this for less than $400
(really $250
        seems like a fair price(that's what they sold the one I ran out
        under me when the funding ran out and I was on vacation for
(rant ends))
        but I'll take what I can get)
        further, I have much of a card set and a power supply or two, so
if I
        get a incomplete one that's O.K.
        sorry about the joining in of the rant/flame thing RE:politics,
I can
        usually restrain myself but sometimes when it goes on... and to
        to the digest-delayed list makes it worse I know(I've at least
        the last bit)

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