Gateway 2000 Handbook 486 question

From: Fred Cisin <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 16:46:00 2003

On Tue, 18 Feb 2003, Chad Fernandez wrote:
> Your mixing thing up here. Win95 OSr1 was fat16 only. Win95 OSr2.x was
> fat16 or fat32. Win98 is fat16 or fat32. I'm not sure what's different
> in the SE edition of Win98, but it certainly isn't its fat32 capabilities.

It's certainly not hard to get mixed up. MICROS~1 certainly didn't put
much effort into making it easy to keep track of the differences. (How
many people outside of these lists will know the order of 98, ME, NT4,
2000, XP?)

The first version of 95 wasn't called anything other than "Windows 95".
The SECOND version of 95 was called "OSR1"! It was only differentiable,
when looking at the disc, by noticing that it bragged about having USB
support, and that it said to not make illegal copies (prior to that,
MICROS~1 had considered a CD-ROM to be enough of a barrier by itself as to
not need such an admonition.
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