FYI: 25th Anniversary of Ward Christensen's BBS

From: Erik S. Klein <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 21:57:00 2003

The batch capabilities are exactly why I am looking for an alternative
to Xmodem or Modem7. (Well, that and I have no idea if the versions I
have work at all as I haven't run them through the assembler yet).

I suppose I could find source to some of the newer Xmodem variants to
port to the Z80 (I've got more languages on this Altos then I know what
to do with!) but I'd prefer to do something quick. I'm more interested
in making the files accessible then adding a project to my already
overburdened list! :)


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Certainly, Xmodem would be faster than the most generic Kermit since it
uses an 8-bit data path as opposed to the 7-bit path of Kermit. I
usually think of Kermit first when transferring files because there are
so many different implementations. Just about any operating system has
one or more versions of Kermit. Even the HP calculators have Kermit
(the 48 and 49 I think).

Also, unless you have the Ymodem variant or later, I believe you have to

type in file names to the receiving end. Kermit usually can transfer
the file name as part of the transfer.

I have several programs that can use Xmodem, Xmodem-CRC, Ymodem,
Ymodem-1K on Intel MDS systems. Probably can also find some of those
for the PeeCee.

However, I just always think of Kermit first because I don't even have
to think of what operating system or what kind of computer. Kermit will

be available.

That being said, I DO agree with you that it would seem much more
"appropriate" to be using one of Ward's protocols to transfer his files.

Fred Cisin (XenoSoft) wrote:
> ?
> The problem is to transfer Ward Christensen's stuff through a serial
> WHY is the assumed method being how to create an implementation of
> WHY isn't it to create an implementation of a Christensen protocol?
> The process for EITHER is to take the existing program (Kermit, or
> XMODEM), and configure it for the port and UART type.
> .

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