Gateway 2000 Handbook 486 question

From: Frank Schickel <>
Date: Tue Feb 18 23:05:01 2003

"Fred Cisin (XenoSoft)" wrote:
> I bought it specificaly to change an <2G NTFS partition from NTFS to
> FAT16, in order to convert an NT4 machine into NT4/Win98 dual bootable.
> It said that it was doing it, but never did. I tried rather a lot of
> variations, such as resizing first, etc. but it never worked.
> OTOH, I have used it quite happily for resizing partitions on several
> machines.

That's interesing....I wonder what caused that. I've only resized
partitions so I didn't use it that much. I had the opposite happen
when I was converting my drive: I tried the W98 "Drive Converter",
but all it did was say it had to boot to DOS to convert to FAT32,
and then hang after rebooting.

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