Victor Computer anyone?

From: Hans Franke <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 01:22:00 2003

> > We had several Victor 9000's. They ran CP/M and a proprietary MS-DOS. They
> > had built-in codec. They actually predated the IBM PC back in 1980. They

> Strange machines, particularly the disk controller, which uses GCR
> encoding, and not suprisingly, is similar to the one in a Commodore 8050.
> They also have a number of interesting undocumented features. The
> 'Centronics' port actually uses GPIB driver chips, and could be turned
> into a full GPIB port with the right cable and software. There's also a
> user port inside on a 50 pin header, with an almost completely unused
> 6522 VIA to drive it. And of course the sound input connector inside.

I'd say, they where machines build without any management
involved - at least without so called controllers.

> > were the best available computers at the time, when the TRS-80 was

> Dubious claim. In 1980, there were graphics workstations (PERQ 1a,
> certainly), VAXen, supercomputers, etc...

Aren't you talking a different class now? For 1980, the Victor
was realy top notch at an afordable price.


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