Tranfer of Files From RSX-11------II

From: Fred N. van Kempen <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 05:27:00 2003


Andreas writes:

> > I'm not sure if the MSDOS version of kermit (which is free)
> will work under NT, but it might be worth a try. The win95 version is
> the commercial version (which costs money).
> OK, so if the Win95 version is also commercial, then the DOS variant
> remains. And I believe, if MSKERMIT will not run on the WinNT PC
> (which I am afraid will be true), at least DOS will hopefully run on
> the PC to support MSKERMIT. Then, you need a disk partition formatted
> as FAT (not NTFS), and you can move the files in through MSKERMIT and
> out (after rebooting into NT) with "Windoze Exploder".

Hmm. I still use my (Classic ;-) MSKERMIT V3.0 on my PC's, when I need
to, and this always worked fine under NT (4.0), and it works fine, too,
under W2K Pro. Version info is:

IBM-PC MS-Kermit: 3.00 16 Jan 1990

If anyone wants it, contact me offlist and I'll email it.. its small.

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