VAX 11/750 question

From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 09:20:01 2003

--- "Clint Wolff (VAX collector)" <> wrote:
> Hi John,
> Can't help you with your current problem, but I recall reading the
> L0004 had a problem with the RS232 receiver chip. If the VAX was
> powered down while the console was still powered up, it would kill
> the chip.

Hmm... I won't say that _can't_ happen, but I ran a couple of
11/750s from 1984-1993 and it never _did_ happen to us. We
typically used a CiTOH 101 sitting right on top of the CPU with
a 2m cable, if that makes any difference.

> IIRC it is a 1488 or 1489 chip on the board. I think there
> is only one of each, but maybe there are two (one for console, one
> for TU58). Replacing the dead one will restore your console...

Don't forget to use a socket!

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