Transfer of Files From RSX-11 (fwd)

From: Frank Arnold <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 10:27:00 2003 schrieb am 19.02.2003:
>Date: Tue, 18 Feb 2003 13:54:07 -0500 (EST)
>From: John Lawson <>
>Subject: Re: Transfer of Files From RSX-11 (fwd)

>The meta question is: what's he gonna do with the system once the data
>is mined??
Well, knowing the degree of burocratism especialley in indian customs, I doubt
very much if it will ever pass the border of this country again....

>> Yes it is a complete system.
> Ah... this makes the process *much* easier! A bit of info now would
>be: what is the model of your DEC system? (ie PDP 11/23, VAX 11/750,
>PRO350... etc)
given the information that he has 8" diskettes, it will not be a PRO350.

>> I have checked Kermit but I could not find this S/W
>> there. Might be my process was wrong.
> Hmmm... a lot of RSX systems had Kermit as part of the Distribution
>Kit.. you can try:
> MCR> DIR kerm*.*,*

If he uses MCR on RSX, then shouldn't the command should be like:
MCR>[1,54]pip [*,*]kerm*.*,* /li

ofcourse, if a catchall is active, it would pass the dir command eventually to
DCL as well, but I don't think this will happen if you enter the comand to the
explicit MCR> prompt
(You are then talking to your own copy of MCR, just for you. And the catchall
is not installed by default as far as I remember...)

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