RL02 docs in PDF (re:11/44)

From: Jeffrey Sharp <jss_at_subatomix.com>
Date: Wed Feb 19 11:15:00 2003

On Wednesday, February 19, 2003, Kevin Handy wrote:
> tiff2ps - Converts tiff file into postscript.
> ps2pdf - Convert ps file into pdf file.

This seems like a neat way to go, but before making any PDFs by this method,
I'd check what tiff2ps and ps2pdf do to the DPI of images (any
downsampling?), what compression types are used in the PDF, what information
is in the title, author, etc. fields, what color correction profile is in
the PDF (I use none), etc. There are a lot of parameters to the creation of
a PDF.

Jeffrey Sharp
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