From: Andrew Strouse <kittstr_at_access-4-free.com>
Date: Wed Feb 19 13:48:01 2003

    First off I want to thank all who contributed on using VHS tapes as
storage, I really appreciate your input. Now my problem is with my TI-99\A
home computer. I have noticed that the keyboard is dying. I have been
having to hit the keys harder and harder and now some don't work at all. I
took it apart and the keyboard seems to be one unit (not disassemble-able).
The keycaps don't seem to want to come off either. I was hoping to take the
keys apart and clean the contacts but I don't want to break them, if they
aren't so posed to come off. Does anyone have any experience cleaning these
keyboards? If they are a "toss and replace" component, does anyone know
where I could get one?
Thanks for any help you can provide.

Andrew Strouse
( kittstr_at_access-4-free.com )
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