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From: Al Hartman <>
Date: Wed Feb 19 15:16:00 2003

Sellam Babbled:

> > So, let's get back to discussing Classic
> We'd better, since some of us seem too naive to
> seriously discuss politics.

I wouldn't call you naive, simply misinformed and

You'll come around once you go out into the real world
and get the data.

This is the best country in the world to live in.

Not perfect. Can't say we don't make mistakes, or
haven't in the past...

We are only human, after all...

But, I think we are doing the Human thing, and the
Nation thing better than any other country out there.

The fact that you like to promulgate left wing lies
and self abusive statements doesn't change the facts,
or reality.

You'd do better to keep your fantasys (disguised as
politics) off this list.

But, there are several lists devoted to Horror and
Fairy Tales that might find your posts in this vein
humorous. I know they gave me a HUGE laugh...

Why do even live in America if you think it's so evil?

Try living in Iraq, Iran, or ANY Muslim country and
check back with me... OK?

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