Using non-sun mice on a sparc?

From: Dr. Ido <>
Date: Thu Feb 20 09:04:00 2003

> Have you looked for an original mouse on E-bay? They show up frequently
and sometimes sell very cheap. That's probably the >easiest and least
troublesome way of getting a working mouse.
> FWIW I have a mechanical SUN mouse on E-bay right now. I'm not sure if
it will work on the SparkStation 1 but I don't >think it will. (It uses a
PS/2 type connector with only three pins). But there are plenty of websites
on the net that list >SUN parts and will tell you if it will work and/or
the part number for the correct mouse for your SS 1.

According to the pinout, the mouse only uses 3 pins (vcc, data, gnd) so it
would probably work. I've avoided buying off ebay so far as I am in .au, a
cheap mouse isn't so cheap after currency conversion and shipping is taken
into account. I one shows up locally I'll grab it. Even so, I'd like to
put trackball on the sparc if I end up spending any serious time on it.
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