large disk platetrs?

From: John Allain <>
Date: Thu Feb 20 13:49:01 2003

> ...1956. IBM leased the 350 Disk File for a $35,000...

Moore's law is a pretty good predictor of many things.
$7K/Month-MegaByte in 1956 works out to $2/Month-TeraByte
today so its not too far off, if it is off at all.

> the impression I got from the pictures I've seen is that
> drive technology didn't typically use platters *that* large.

14" was popular 1970-1980, so what about before it?
And don't forget that mainframes were just always in a lerger

I have a salvaged platter (with spindle) here about
26.3" across. Darned if I know from whence it cometh. Anybody?

John A.
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