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From: Eric Smith <>
Date: Thu Feb 20 14:19:01 2003

I wrote about (binary) data transfer by modem:
>> At least as early as 1965 IBM sold equipment that could do this,

John Allain wrote:
> Some more date/a:
> ""the first model of the first commercial modem," a box in which a phone
> handset could be placed, allowing a computer to say "beep beep" to
> another over long distances. Lee was almost right. He actually had the
> second model of the "magnetic/acoustic coupler," manufactured for
> Tymshare, Inc. by Climet Instruments about 1966"
> --

The Bell 103A modem was introduced in 1962. I suspect that it was the
first commercial modem.

The date that's harder to place is when the 103A was first used for
computer-to-computer data transfer, as opposed to teletype-to-teletype
or teletype-to-computer communication.
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