Gone fishin' (re: MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable)

From: John Allain <allain_at_panix.com>
Date: Thu Feb 20 17:23:00 2003

Bob Schaefer contributed this, on 05-Feb-2003 9:52 PM:
> I came across http://www.quail.com/NACords/index.html a few days ago.
> They seem to have the cords I need, both the C15 (notched) and C19
> (horizontal prongs). I haven't called then yet to check proces and
> quantities, but I'm taking next week off to have a baby, so I expect to
> have lots of Copious Spare Time in which to take care of things. :)

I just called these people to get a cable for a good price and almost
wound up buying one for $25 shipped. Feeling a bit lucky I tried
a kind of sales pitch on their ordersperson ('You have to understand,
these people are hobbyists'. 'Some of my friends don't have jobs'.
'The computers themselves were picked up free... etc.), and, after the
wrangling I got an order of qty 6 for less than $9/ea. If anybody wants
one, I can sell individual cords for this price no problem.

Fate: Having said this, someone on the list will now
    admit that they have a bunch for _$5.00_... <g>.

John A.
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