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I remember in the days after the space shuttle accident, I saw
on CNN, that they were displaying how many times faster than
the speed of light that the space shuttle was going. Yes, they
actually said speed of light. And I was surprised at how long
they let it run like that before it was removed, hours at least.

Just shows you can't believe everything you read, see on TV, etc.

I was also surprised I never heard anyone else mentioning it.

Best Regards

At 02:25 PM 2/20/03 -0500, you wrote:
> >It never made it to CNN or MSNBC.
>MSNBC's web site also altered a story the other day regarding Osama bin
>Ladin and Iraq. The first release made mention that bin Ladin was calling
>his people to kill Hussein. Then, when the US held a press briefing on
>the same topic, and tried to make it sound as if bin Ladin was in cahoots
>with Hussein, MSNBC suddenly altered their story, removing the reference.
>No explination to the change. Could have been an error, could have been
>an oversite, could have been a request by someone... could have been
>anything. Point is, the story took a change to reflect the US governments
>desired position on the topic, and they just pretened it had always been
>that way.
>Humm... does Winston Smith work for MSNBC?
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