Gone fishin' (re: MicroVAX 3800 Power Cable)

From: Fred N. van Kempen <Fred.van.Kempen_at_microwalt.nl>
Date: Fri Feb 21 06:15:00 2003

John wrote:

> one, I can sell individual cords for this price no problem.
Damn! You should have ordered 250 or so! :)

> Fate: Having said this, someone on the list will now
> admit that they have a bunch for _$5.00_... <g>.
Well, probably some even had some for free (I got three with
one of the VAXen) but hey.. $6 is a decent price. Especially
if you *need* one to get the VAX powered :)

I guess I'll have to do some shopping here, too, 'cos I need
about 14 of them..

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